About us

Everything that you want to know about Gorkha Asthetics

Gorkha Aesthetics is the first fitness and lifestyle apparel clothing line headquartered in Kathmandu that currently focuses exclusively on producing athletic and lifestyle apparel. We use technical fabrics combined with innovative construction techniques, as well as strategic fits and features, to create functional garment experiences that help you unlock your ultimate performance potential.

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We were regular gym bros who loved to lift weights and make gains and we wanted fitness clothes so we went to Nike. Guess how much they were charging for a pair joggers. Rs 12,000 (Let that number sink in. We don’t know about you but we sure as hell didn’t have that kind of money laying around for a pair of joggers)


We use the best quality fabric we can find never settling for a compromise. Buying the fabrics, getting the prototype product and then testing them out rigorously with multiple washes and using them while we sleep to see if that fabric would hold its own.)